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Apply Based on the Scenario that Best Fits You:

I want to buy a home but can't qualify at the bank right now.

  • Call Jodi or Mark so we may assist you in finding a home that works for you and help you work on improving your credit.

I am interested in one of your homes to rent or to purchase.


I want or need to sell my home/ real estate property and/or get out of my monthly mortgage payment.

  • Call Jodi or Mark so that we may help you sell your home or get rid of your monthly mortgage payment.

I have spoken with the Team and am ready to formally apply for Rent or Rent-to-Own

  1. Click on the application below.
  2. Print out the application
  3. Fill out the application.
  4. SIGN the application. (We cannot process any application without your signature.)
  5. Return to us in person or by scan and email along with the street name of the property you're interested in.

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