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In just 7 years, we have helped over 30 families get into their dream home.

9 families have become home owners. (Some not shown here )


5 more purchased their dream home in 2016 and early 2017 alone.


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Click Here to Hear our interview with Mortgage Broker, Kyle Langenburg, of UICCU on working in our program and the buy out procedure!



Shelley started working with us in April 2013. We had just aquired the property in March and Shelley moved in within a week or two. After living there for 4 years, she decided it was time to buy - and we said, "Yes!" We are so happy and excited for you, Shelley! Congratulations! Shelley Lulu Home    


What if a new home was on your Christmas list? Congratulations to our newest home owners in Dec 2016, Joe and Melissa! It feels a bit like there was divine intervention for us. Joe and Melissa's landlord was looking to sell the home they were in. We had an available home. They looked and it just wasn't quite right for them. About 2 months later I'm in Target and at the register I say to this woman, "I know you, but I'm not sure how. All I can remember is that you are very nice." She responds that I also look familiar and says, "Did you show us a house?" "Yes. And you know what? I JUST found out TODAY that a tenant was leaving early. And this house has the garage that Joe wants and the dining room you want!" They came to look and the rest is history. We are so excited to be working with you, Joe and Melissa! Homeowners Linwood Home    


Ryan and Jessica wanted to move closer to Jessica's work and the children's school so they would no longer have the half hour commute twice a day. We were able to find them a new home and purchase their current home. Since mid-2013, they have been making this their home. In mid-2016, they were able to buy us out. Congratulations, Ryan and Jessica! Couldn't happen to a better couple! Homeowners Traer home    


Kim was one of our early clients, back early 2011. We hit it off right away. She (and we) were certain a different house would be the one for her. However, the bank just wasn't moving on it. Then we found this gem. While it was a bit of a long-fought battle to aquire this one from the other bank, it proved to be the PERFECT home for Kim and her family. Great layout. Great location. Great schools. Kim bought us out in 2016 and we are so proud of her! We have enjoyed working with you, Kim! Homeowners Wisconsin home    


We heard about Danielle and Earl through a mutual friend who told us they were looking for a home. What I found was a couple of nicest, God-serving people I know! We connected and the rest is history! We are so happy for you guys. Congratulations on becoming homeowners, Earl and Danielle! Homeowners Kingsley Home    


Stormy and Kari found our ad in Spring 2011 in the classifeds. We knew we were meant to work together after our first conversation! Stormy and Kari's previous home was in a neighborhood that had dropped in value. After 3 years and 2 prior offers that had fallen through, they did sell their old home - but it was a short sale. Within a week of moving into this house they knew this house was meant for them and they started our "Rent-to-Own" program. Now, just 2 short years later, they are HOME OWNERS! We are so happy for you, Stormy & Kari!!! Closing Day Cloverdale Home Cloverdale Family  
  Stormy & Kari with Mark & Jodi in their home on Closing Day! HOME OWNERS of this Beautiful Home! Helping Families like YOURS!  


Rick and Jennifer found us in June of 2011 with money earmarked for a home, but no credit history. They moved into their dream home in August of 2011. They met with a mortgage broker in May of 2012, and JUST ONE YEAR LATER, they purchased their dream home! Great job, Rick and Jennifer! Rick & Jennifer wema home    
  Rick & Jennifer with Jodi & Mark on Closing Day! Rick & Jennifer are HOME OWNERS of this beautiful home!    

Hear how our process worked for Rick & Jennifer by clicking on the following YouTube link: Rick and Jennifer Testimonial



Marsha came to us in June of 2010, still in the process of going through a short sale back in California. By September of 2010 she moved into her new home and took just 2 years to complete our program, buying us out in September of 2012. We are so proud of you, Marsha! closing day Closing Day southbrooke view condo
  Marsha & Jodi in her home on Closing Day! Marsha & Mark in her home on Closing Day! Marsha's view from her OWN CONDO! Marsha is a HOME OWNER!