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For Rent-to-Own Buyers:

Ready to buy but can't qualify at the bank? We have an outstanding program that has helped numerous people get into the home of their dreams while working on improving their credit. We have a number of homes to choose from and look at homes daily to add to our inventory. We only buy solid homes in good neighborhoods, so you can be assured if you buy through us you are getting a quality home.

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How Our Program Works:

1. You find a property in our current inventory you like:      
2. Drive by the home(s) you're interested in.      
3. If you like the home, click here to get our application. Fill out the application.      
4. Call our team to turn in your application and arrange a showing.      
5. Keep in mind, you'll need to have money to put toward the option to purchase. For homes in our inventory, it can be minimal - 2% - 3% can be enough depending on the house. However, the more you have to put on the option, the better the bank will view you and your situation. We have had clients put down 5%, 10%, even 20%, and they typically buy out fastest.      
6. If you still like the home, we'll start the paperwork, and you're on your way to home ownership!      

We are here to help you!


For Home Buyers:

Are you interested in one of our premium homes? Great! Call Mark or Jodi to get home prices and terms. We look forward to working with you!